Brittany Marro: Medical Esthetician

Brittany Marro is a licensed Esthetician graduating from the Aveda Institute and taking both Eastern practices and Western technology in skincare. Working with today’s top machinery, tools, and new found techniques, Brittany makes it her top priority to tame and overall eliminate daily skin concerns. To guarantee that her clients are getting the latest in products and services, her ongoing education is in medical esthetics, oxygen technology, resurfacing treatments in aging and sun damaged skin, advanced treatment in acne, along with many other skin related categories. With a strong passion for overall wellness, Brittany is well versed in communicating with each client to successfully conduct a treatment plan pertaining to their skin diet.

Jessica: Massage Therapist

Jessica Smith Howe has a wide range of massage experience, having practiced in spas, resorts, clinics, and private practice for over 20 years. With a forte for deep, therapeutic work, she has been successful in treating neck, shoulder range of motion and pain issues, headaches, middle and lower back pain, sciatica, hand and wrist issues, carpal tunnel syndrome, and extremity enervation issues. She also does a great relaxation massage! She recommends 90 minute sessions for optimal improvement for people with significant stress and/or musculoskeletal issues.

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