Massage Therapy Sessions from Orchid Spa and Wellness Offer Several Benefits

Looking for massage in Mims, Florida? Massage therapy is relaxing.* Its also luxurious and a nice retreat from stress.* But the benefits go much further than that. You deserve a massage and your body NEEDS one today.*

Postural stress causes strains in your back, shoulder and neck muscles. Consequently, postural stress manifests itself as pain or weakness in the lower back. Also, it manifests in the neck and buttocks. Fortunately, regular massages counteract these issues.* Best of all, they let you continue to work your desk job without pain.* Reverse the negative effects of constant sitting book your massage today.*

A good massage can ease muscle pain better than any prescription, over the counter medication or muscle rub creams.* Unlike medications that mask muscle pain, massage therapy gets straight to the source of the issue.* It loosens up tense and tightened muscles.* In addition, with massage therapy, blood flow and circulation are increased and improved.* Finally, your body’s natural pain relief is sent to the area that needs relief.*

Soothe Depression and Anxiety

It is a scientific fact that human touch and interaction is therapeutic. Also, its beneficial to your overall health. Countless individuals depend on medication for anxiety and depression. Consequently, negative side effects come along with them. However, massage therapy on a regular basis reduces and even eliminates the need for unnecessary chemicals in your body.*

Regular therapy can boost your immunity and add protection from colds and flu. In Mims, Florida as the weather gets cooler, incidents of colds and flu begin to increase. But, massage therapy can boosts your white blood cell count.* Your body naturally uses these to fight off viruses and infection. While others around you are coughing and sneezing, your simplest solution is to pick up the phone and book your massage appointment.

Orchid Spa and Wellness is not far from Mims, Florida

Nestled in a hidden corner in College Park, our philosophy is what sets us apart from our competitors. As you walk through the doorway, the ambiance is one of luxury, peace and well-being. We understand the importance of building and maintaining the relationship and trust of our clients. Our team at Orchid Spa and Wellness is always learning and growing in their respective fields.

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We’re the Best Med Spa near Mims, Florida for Facial Treatments

Our Facials treat individual and specific concerns such as skin congestion and lack of radiance.* We start with deep pore cleansing, exfoliation and extractions. Next, a mask and moisturizer soothes, protects and balances your skin.* This service benefits all skin types. In addition, its an ideal monthly regimen for healthier skin.

Our Deluxe Facial is an excellent treatment for all skin types. It balances, detoxifies, tightens & hydrates skin. Also, it includes a hand massage, hot rocks, serum. Finally, a lift off mask for appropriate skin types.

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