Carolyn: Owner and Medical Esthetician


Carolyn Hall is a licensed Esthetician who sets herself apart with her direct, result-oriented approach to skin care. Her passion to find solutions that are both effective and simple has led her to gain the trust of her clients and the respect and success in a town where the beauty industry is highly competitive. Carolyn has distinguished herself in the Orlando area. Excited to widen her perspective, Carolyn then branched out on to start her own business Orchid Spa and Wellness. With all her experiences and extensive training facilitated her understanding of active ingredients in both professional and retail products. It also led her to incorporate anti-aging and “above maintenance” procedures into the scope of her treatments and allowed her to fine-tune both her style of straightforward communication with clients and exceptional customer service.

April Mycz: Medical Esthetician


Licensed Medical Esthetician since 2001 with a Diploma in Medical Assisting and Certification in Laser Training. Advanced training with special emphasis in microdermabrasion, chemical peels, back treatments and aromatherapy. Your skin is changing daily and throughout our entire life. These changes can be caused by internal and external factors that our skin encounters every day.
Understanding all my client’s skin types are unique and different gives me a chance to customize my facial to my client’s individual needs. I'm passionate about my knowledge in skin and the products I've used present and past. I strive to educate my clientele on importance of a healthy daily skin care regimen. I will continue to educate myself in this growing field, and utilize my customer service skills and communication.  Always looking forward to building an individual rapport with all my clients.

Victoria McGovern: Medical Esthetician and Eyelash Extensions


Victoria McGovern is a licensed esthetician with medical experience, and certified in eyelash extensions. She is energetic and always aims to please. Having been in the beauty world since a young girl, thanks to her family, as well as working in the environment, Victoria has been fascinated with advancing her knowledge in that arena. Growing up in the industry inspired her to always have an interest in cosmetics and skin care.
 Victoria was a dental assistant for years before deciding to get back to her roots in the beauty industry. Her medical training and beauty background have been major influences in her work.
 Victoria believes it is key to help people reveal and maintain their own style of beauty.  She's creative with her eyelash placements and feels they are a way to help accentuate existing beauty. She's delicate and precise from proper training and consistency; a slight perfectionist making sure clients leave satisfied every time.

Taylor Towne: Licensed Esthetician

Licensed esthetician and graduate from Elise Esthetics Institute. I am continuing my education at Valencia College to become a registered nurse so that I can continuously perfect and build my craft in the field of Medical Esthetics. My love for skincare started young when I had hormonal cystic acne and I learned how to remedy my skin conditions at home with diet change, elimination diets, and a holistic skincare routine. I want all of my clients to leave me with as much knowledge of their skin as I have learned in training and know that regardless of their skin condition or skin insecurity, there is a simple and effective approach to solving it with me.

Ashleigh: Massage Therapist


Ashleigh Vargas is an enthusiastic massage therapist that graduated from Florida College of Natural Health. She is in love with what she does, and truly believes in the healing and relaxation massage provides for our bodies. Ashleigh is a compassionate, empathetic therapist that is guided by intuition to help her clients.

Carrie Brown: Permanent Makeup and Microblading

Orchid-Spa-and-Wellness-Carrie-BrownCarrie Brown is a certified & licensed Eyebrow Embroidery Artist. Eyebrow Embroidery, also known as Microblading, fixes brows by creating hairstrokes with pigment. Permanent Makeup, Eyebrow Embroidery/3D Brows/Micorblading is the newest technology for creating natural looking eyebrows.

Jessica: Massage Therapist

Jessica Smith Howe has a wide range of massage experience, having practiced in spas, resorts, clinics, and private practice for over 20 years. With a forte for deep, therapeutic work, she has been successful in treating neck, shoulder range of motion and pain issues, headaches, middle and lower back pain, sciatica, hand and wrist issues, carpal tunnel syndrome, and extremity enervation issues. She also does a great relaxation massage! She recommends 90 minute sessions for optimal improvement for people with significant stress and/or musculoskeletal issues.