Microblading by Carrie Brown is now available at Orchid Spa and Wellness!

Book now visit: BrowsAGoGo.com or call 407-929-4414

Microblading, also known as Eyebrow Embroidery, is the process of creating custom hair strokes in the skin and laying semi-permanent pigment over top. These ‘hair strokes’ mimic the natural pattern and direction of hair growth on a healthy set of eyebrows. The effect is beautiful, natural looking brows, that only require once-a-year maintenance.* This procedure is ideal for anyone dealing with years of over plucking, over waxing, any type of scarring, general hair loss, alopecia, or just those looking for a fuller, better shape.* We could all use some brow TLC!!!


Thicker, bolder, better.* Microblading can be used just to define your brows and give them an all around better shape.* Call 407-929-4414 to book your appointment today.microblading-brows-a-go-go-4

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