The Led Light Therapy Bed at Orchid Spa and Wellness could make you look younger.* It also could make you feel better and more rejuvenated.* It can help rejuvenate damaged skin.*  Additionally, It helps you look better in your own skin.* It reduces deep lines and scars.* It improves skin texture.* Best of all, it could tighten skin and reduces cellulite.*

1 session $125
6 sessions $720
12 sessions $1380


Add on- Opera LED Light Therapy Mask $50

In addition to the Led Light Therapy bed, the LED Light Therapy Mask has three modes. Red, blue and white lights treat your skin. The mask’s red light has a wavelength of 630 nanometers (nm). It is effective for skin rejuvenation and collagen induction.* It is also used for post-care after laser Hair Removal or Microneedle Treatments. Breakouts and acne could be treated using the blue light mode.* It’s wavelength is (415 nm). It can be effective for acne treatment.* It also has antimicrobial effects.* The white light has a wavelength of 830 nanometers. It is effective for wound healing.* In addition, it could rejuvenate your skin and improve blood circulation.*

Your facialist begins the process by applying hot steam. Next she cleans your skin with a super-gentle purifying cleanser. Then, she applies a lactic acid application. This gently exfoliates and brightens.* Ultrasound exfoliation uses a vibrating metal wand that creates an ultrasound wave on the surface of the skin. This helps open pores and makes extractions easier.* After the extractions, it’s time for the lights.