Dermapen® Microneedling

Microneedling could treat a number of skin issues.* It tackles scarring, wrinkles and loose skin.* Also, it improves skin texture, pore size and stretch marks.* Microneedling utilizes a pen shaped skin needling device studded with 12 extremely fine needles. This medical device breaks down old scar tissue.* In addition, it stimulates your old skin cells.* Finally, it helps regenerate and causes the proliferation of fresh, new skin cells.*

Skin improvements could appear at your very first appointment with Orchid Spa and Wellness.* Skin is smoother and much more radiant looking.* However, the full effects are seen a few weeks later.* This is when your skin cells fully regenerate.

You can repeat your Microneedling procedure, until you achieve the skin results you desire.* Also, for collagen induction Orchid Spa and Wellness recommends beginning with 3 treatments*

Advanced Microneedling

It can be an effective way to treat acne scars, surgical scars, stretch marks, fine lines and wrinkles.* Also, combine with Advanced Peptide Growth Factor (APGF), for even better results!*

APGF – Advanced Peptide Growth Factor

APGF is highly effective to skin cell regeneration.* It contains carefully screened advanced peptides and highly concentrated growth factors.* APGF provides effective anti- aging, wrinkle reduction and whitening results.* Together with Advanced Micro-Needling, the two procedures:

  • Reduce fine lines and wrinkles by generating new skin cells.*
  • They also will reduce hyper/hypo-pigmentation by decreasing melanin synthesis.*
  • Strengthen skin elasticity by inducing the synthesis of collagen, elastin and other ECM.*
  • They hydrate dry skin and help it maintain optimum moisture balance.*
  • They could lighten and prevent brown spots.*

Scar Reduction

For the scar reduction procedure, we recommend 3 to 6 treatments. Furthermore, the number of treatments your skin requires depends on your skin’s individual response to the treatment. Your Microneedling procedure can be used on any part of your body, including your neck, arms, legs and decollete.

It could be the most cost effective skin resurfacing procedure.* It increases circulation and collagen production.* Also, it can safely be used on all skin types to dramatically improve the look and feel of your skin.* Contact the professionals at Orchid Spa and Wellness today to schedule your first Microneedling procedure.

One Microneedling: $350 each

  • Add Neck $50
  • Add Chest $75
  • Neck and Chest: $100
  • Package of 3: $900
  • Package of 6 $1,650
  • Add-on Microdermabrasion Face $60, Face and neck $75
  • Add-on Collagen Mask $30

Dermaroller Vs Automated Microneedling

Some patients are often confused and overwhelmed with the many different types of facial treatments available for them and the various information available online.*

A lot of patients find information on the internet claiming, Automated Microneedling treatments are basically the same thing as dermaroller treatments.* Patients' first question when they see this is, “why pay for a microneedling treatment, when I can buy my own dermaroller?”


Essentially, the two types of treatments have the same end result, stimulating the skin to produce its own collagen.* One of the biggest differences between the two treatments is the fact that the needles on a dermaroller do not penetrate the skin vertically. So whether you are using a dermaroller on a patient or yourself, the needles enter and exit the skin at an angle. The angle of the micro-needles can actually make tears in the skin and create a larger micro-channel than desired. When comparing the two treatments, the microneedles of the Dermapen enter and exit the skin vertically. The micro-channels that are created with automated microneedling are vertical, which is the desired result.

The other main difference between the two treatments is the person actually performing the treatments. It is always recommended to have a professional esthetician or dermatologist perform either treatments, but automated microneedling devices are required to be used by licensed estheticians, registered nurses or doctors. There are many patients using dermaroller on themselves, which can be dangerous and cause more damage than what your are trying correct. When a trained professional is performing microneedling treatments, they also use topical gels like Hyaluronic in combination with Stem Cell and Peptides that could improve the patient's skin.*