CooLifting has been known to offer two main benefits. First, the lift could eliminate superficial wrinkles.* Deep wrinkles should be reduced.* The lift could also lighten and smooth the skin.* Rejuvenation is the second benefit.* Intense collagen and elastine stimulate the skin. The dermis regenerates. In addition, skin texture and quality could improve.* Best of all, the method is different from anything you know. Because it is fast, it's not said to be traumatic.* The Coolifting treatment is said to be painless.* Price per section is $275 (Packages available)



Who can benefit from the treatment?

This rejuvenating and tissue stimulating procedure is recommended for all skin types, and can potentially prevent and/or reduce wrinkles dramatically.*

Can I continue with my normal life after a session?

No side effects have been noted. It is a non-invasive and non-traumatic treatment, so that normal life can be resumed immediately after the CooLifting session.*

How long do the effects last?

The duration of the lifting effect is unique to the individual, and could require maintenance.* The deep rejuvenating effect can be progressive, could be cumulative, and is related to the number of sessions performed.* The anticipated outcome is a sensible wrinkle reduction a substantial skin quality improvement.*

Are the results permanent?

Results are not permanent, but rejuvenation could be obtained and maintained by multiple sessions.*

What’s felt during the session?

Most describe the procedure as being pleasant and relaxing, and describe an external cool sensation with slight pressure.*